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Virtual Security With Live Video Monitoring

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Virtual Security Monitoring In Real-Time

EyeMax provides live, real-time video surveillance that covers an entire property simultaneously at a fraction of the cost of a traditional guard service.

We specialize in protecting businesses and inventory live, during hours of vulnerability. Through integrating equipment and customizing software, we have developed systems to fit the needs and budgets of companies throughout the nation. Additionally, we tailor and integrate personally developed proprietary software into customized surveillance systems explicitly created for each client.

EyeMax utilizes custom A.I. software combined with the latest CCTV cameras and highly trained monitoring agents to provide the highest level of security at an affordable price. Our specialized live, remote surveillance service offers a proactive alternative to outdated reactive camera systems and costly traditional guard services. 

Call now to see how our live video monitoring service can protect your business and save you money!

How Does Our Live Video Monitoring Service Work?

We create a perimeter around the area to be protected using state-of-the-art CCTV cameras. When the perimeter is breached either by a vehicle or person, an “event” is created. Based on the “Event”, an alert level is determined, and we are able to monitor the video feed live and in real-time. In addition, we follow the vehicle or person throughout the premises.

Because we also have audio capability, our trained monitoring agent can notify the intruder that they are being watched and their every move recorded, and that the authorities have been contacted. Specific protocols and levels of alerts are programmed into the software, allowing us to recognize a potential crime in advance and notify the proper authorities.

Because of our unique, “live,” and very effective Pro-Active Audio & Video Surveillance System, a verified call to law enforcement of an “Event” in progress is taken seriously by the authorities and responded to promptly.

With our highly effective service, our sole purpose and mission is to secure property, business, and inventory—all at prices that are genuinely in the reach of companies nationwide. A video surveillance system combined with live video monitoring from Eyemax Security is the answer for the best protection of your site.

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The EyeMax Security Difference

Why Us?

EyeMax Security, a Video Surveillance & Monitoring company, offers specialized real-time remote live monitoring services custom-tailored to individual businesses’ unique nature and requirements. We are a technology-driven company that provides video surveillance solutions and live Virtual Guard monitoring services. In addition and offering CCTV systems design, installation, training, and maintenance. We are proud to be a Certified GeoVision Distributor, Installer, and remote monitoring center.

We are your one-stop source for security system research, design, and equipment procurement, including financing/leasing, installation, and training.

EyeMax will incorporate customers’ existing CCTV cameras and equipment into the EyeMax Security solution to help control expenses while reducing theft and vandalism.

Entirely company-owned and operated, EyeMax features a state-of-the-art, fully redundant, live video monitoring center. EyeMax Security utilizes the latest digital surveillance systems and VMS surveillance software to detect intrusions and fire and then take corrective measures immediately, thus helping to prevent theft, vandalism, and fire damage. In addition, EyeMax Security’s Virtual Guards can advise non-threatening visitors that they are being monitored and involve law enforcement, firefighters, and customer personnel immediately, as needed.

EyeMax Security goes into action when the customer’s facility is closed. 24/7/365.


We Protect Your Assets from Theft, Fire and Vandalism



Hours A Day


Days A Week


Days A Years

Real-time remote surveillance is known to be one of the most effective and convenient solutions for business security. Let us guide you through the process. Contact us today!

How Our Remote Surveillance Works

Assess The Jobsite

EyeMax will assess your issues, observe your property, and develop a customized plan showing recommended camera locations and coverage while showing how best to maximize all surveillance capabilities.

Installation and Application

A team of experienced CCTV technicians will install and implement the remote monitoring software and hardware needed to watch your property. In addition, Eyemax will train you and your designated team members to use our software and emergency procedures and provide you with customer service contact information.

Live Video Monitoring

After implementation, you’re ready to go live! The Eyemax team is always on call to keep you informed of any events and monitor your hardware status. Most importantly, we protect your assets from criminals, vandals, thieves, or anyone you don’t want entering your property.

EyeMax Offers Peace Of Mind

EyeMax has an immediate response to any intrusions. A vandal can break a window or a thief can easily get his hands on poorly secured construction tools in a very short span of time. Another video surveillance company can respond in minutes, but minutes can be too long.

Our intelligent video surveillance solutions proactively deter criminals, but they can also differentiate real threats from false alarms, so alarms don’t go off just because a racoon or the cat next door got curious about an open window.

We do more than just stop malicious threats. Our live video monitoring software, using the latest in CCTV technology can protect your business from liability claims, such as curious children entering your property and potentially injuring themselves. We also can detect damage caused by inclement weather or natural disasters.

Most importantly, we help you sleep better at night knowing that our video surveillance company is on site protecting YOUR assets.

Eyemax Security Proactively Deters Crimes And Helps Secure Your Property At Up To 65% Over The Cost Of Security Guards!

Proactive Live Video Surveillance 24/7/365! Call Now!

Live Video Surveillance Can Protect Your Business!

Artificial Intelligence

Our integrated video surveillance system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that nothing escapes notice. The system identifies the intrusion, marks it an an object and then tracks the intruder as it moves around the property.

Fast Response Time

We proactively deter crime before it even happens instead of trying to solve crimes after the event. Our video surveillance system activates audio and visual deterrents within 24 seconds of detecting an intrusion. We stop criminals dead in their tracks

Intelligent Search Functions

Our CCTV surveillance system instantly tags all recordings so that clips can be quickly and easily retrieved for later viewing.

Integrated Mobile Applications

Thanks to our state-of-the-art EyeMax mobile app, you can view all your camera recordings directly on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Frequent Condition Monitoring

We regularly monitor the status of your cameras to ensure that your surveillance system infrastructure is always online when you need it most. You no longer have to worry about un planned for or extended power outages that could put your assets at risk.

No Power, Not A Problem

It doesn’t matter if your property is a large intown construction site or a remote loction in the middle of nowhere, our temporary and permanent solutions (solar and hardwired units available) provide all the security you need.

Real-time remote surveillance is known to be one of the most effective and convenient solutions for business security. Let us guide you through the process. Contact us today!

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