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EyeMax Security offers today’s auto salvage yards new security solutions with new advanced technology, including thermal cameras that see thieves in totally unlit yards.

Our Central Surveillance Center is instantly made aware of any activity on customer’s property and our trained security guards monitor the situation in real time and take action per our customer’s desire. This may include calling in law enforcement, advising customer management, and/or warning intruders over speakers. Our live guards continue to monitor the situation until as long as the activity continues. EyeMax Security saves companies time and money, by eliminating the high cost of employing full time security guards, while improving the quality of security.

auto salvage live surveillance service

Challenges & Solutions

  • Automotive Dismantlers, Recyclers, and Salvage Yards normally experience theft and vandalism at night, on weekends, or whenever facilities are closed.

  • On-site security guards can only see one area at a time, leaving many opportunities for unseen intrusions and are very expensive.

  • Guard dogs can be effective, but present a large liability.

  • Daylight cameras are typically of little advantage after hours because of poor lighting.

  • EyeMax Security installs and monitors traditional and thermal cameras. Our thermal cameras can detect body heat and fires up to one mile away and see intruders in total darkness.

  • EyeMax Security has the experience to match equipment and surveillance services to your needs and Guards who understand the need for firm, fast actions.

Advantages of EyeMax Security

  • Detect and follow thieves in total darkness!

  • Involve Law Enforcement immediately when appropriate.

  • Stop Theft and Vandalism before it occurs.

  • Most cost effective solution for security.

  • Management is advised of all security threats on a daily basis via email.

  • Management can use daylight cameras during operating hours to improve management practices.

  • Included mobile app allows dealership personnel to monitor cameras 24/7/365.

EyeMax Security Thermal Camera In Action


“I own and manage a fifteen acre Auto Salvage Yard. EyeMax Security has been providing Security Guard Protection for my facility for five years and I couldn’t be happier.

Since EyeMax took over, they have participated in multiple arrests and my profits are way up.

I have recently expanded my yard and EyeMax is installing a Thermal Camera that can see in the dark.

EyeMax Security is a valuable partner with me in running my Auto Salvage Yard.”

  – Auto Salvage Yard Owner – Phoenix, AZ

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