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Stop Crime on Your Property with a Virtual Perimeter Security Fence

EyeMax offers the Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution

When a criminal walks up to a solar-powered electric fence or traditional fence, they are not deterred. Unlike traditional security methods, which offer a reactive approach, only full-perimeter virtual security fencing and live video surveillance solutions catch criminals attempting to enter your property.

Full integrated and designed to protect your property. Offering:

  • Protective invisible barrier for your property
  • Continuous 360 degree thermal intrusion detection
  • 24/7 live video monitoring available
  • 360 degree view perimeter fence
  • Nationwide network of support
  • Effective deterrence and detection
  • Lower installation cost
live video surveillance with a virtual fence

EyeMax Offers The Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution

Watch how the full-perimeter thermal radar solution creates a 360 degree dome of protection around your property. A virtual fence from EyeMax Security, paired with our additional security systems, stops crime before it happens.

Review your property’s crime risk with our security experts and learn how EyeMax could save your business money and time.

EyeMax’s Virtual Security Perimeter Fencing offers:

  • Seamless Integration – Thermal Radar can be a standalone detection outpost or the centerpiece of your integrated physical security strategy through VMS and PSIM integration
  • Wide Area Detection And Surveillance – Wide 16 Fields of View From 1 Camera
  • Continuous Intrusion Detection – Continuous 360 degree thermal intrusion detection covering an area of up to 200 acres every 2 seconds
  • Reduced Costs
  • 16 fields of view from 1 camera which reduces the number of cameras needed at a facility, generates savings on camera licensing, and greatly mitigates infrastructure costs

Save money on expensive electric fencing systems to protect your property!

Don’t be a soft target—stop crime before it happens. The EyeMax Virtual Perimeter Fence is a powerful and non-intrusive invisible barrier. Combined with our live video surveillance service, our full-perimeter virtual fence delivers peace of mind to you and a rude awakening to would-be thieves who think there is nothing stopping them from entering the property. Traditional fences do not protect adequately and electric fences can be dangerous and cost prohibitive.

Advantages Of Virtual Security Fencing

  • Powerful deterrence

  • Detect and respond

  • Intelligently differentiates between serious breaches and disturbances

  • 24/7 live video monitoring

  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence

virtual security fence with thermal radar

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