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EyeMax Security Offers Cutting Edge A.I. Technology To Stop Criminals Dead In Their Tracks!

EyeMax video analytics increase security personnel productivity and make surveillance more cost-effective and efficient.

EyeMax’s self-learning analytics increase the efficiency of your security staff by enabling effective surveillance and proactive responses from your team in real-time. Created from the core level up to manage high-definition video, EyeMax offers the latest AI technology to protect assets.


EyeMax’s advanced video pattern recognition technology can accurately detect the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring movements that are not relevant to a scene. In addition, the system’s ability to constantly learn reduces false alarms and helps ensure that alerts are meaningful.

What is AI video analytics?

Artificial intelligence for video surveillance utilizes computer software programs that analyze the audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize humans, vehicles, objects and events. … The A.I. program functions by using machine vision.

Advantages of EyeMax Security


  • Efficient installation and continuing accuracy
  • Pattern-based classification and tracking technology
  • Lower false alarm rates
  • Works with wide variety of devices
  • Integrated with EyeMax’s Monitoring Center
  • Compatible with IP or analog cameras
  • Powerful forensics

EyeMax Security In Action

video analytics software


“Fantastic service! Great company to work with. Our sales rep was so knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. After I explained all of our challenges, he came up with the best surveillance solution for us. Not only was it highly effective, but we were amazed at how affordable the live video monitoring service was. I highly recommend EyeMax Security to any business with surveillance needs large or small..”    – Satisfied Client

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