Virtual Security Monitoring Service By EyeMax Security – A.I. Powered Live Video Monitoring

Protect Your Assets 24/7 With A Security Camera Monitoring Service From EyeMax!

If your business is considering improving asset protection using a security camera monitoring service  you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable EyeMax can be. Especially when compared to the cost of a live guard.

Contact us today to find out just why EyeMax’s video surveillance cameras and systems with live video monitoring is right for your business. Live video surveillance for your business has never been easier!

Live video monitoring services

EyeMax provides live, real-time surveillance that covers an entire property at once, at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance services.

We adapt and integrate personally developed VMS software into surveillance systems designed explicitly for each client. We specialize in the proactive protection of businesses and inventories at times of risk. In addition, we integrate customer equipment and add custom software. Throughout the United States, Eyemax develops systems to meet the needs and budgets of various businesses and monitors the client’s site live as needed.

By using custom A.I. software combined with the latest CCTV cameras and subsequent monitoring by highly trained personnel, EyeMax can provide the highest level of security at an affordable price. In addition, our specialized live remote surveillance service offers a proactive alternative to outdated reactive camera systems and costly traditional surveillance services.

Live video monitoring services help catch criminals in the act, but they are also effective deterrence. If criminals see that you have cameras installed, they are much more likely to look for an easier target.

Any business owner looking to increase their level of security while saving money should consider EyeMax’s security camera monitoring services.

The Basics of Live Video Surveillance Services

An effective live video surveillance service covers all your company’s video surveillance needs, from installation to service. Live video monitoring services work closely with their business customers to develop a video surveillance system that fits their needs and budget. They then install and monitor the live video surveillance systems. Live monitoring allows threats to be detected and responded to in real-time. Faster response means a greater chance of catching criminals who threaten your business.

EyeMax’s security camera monitoring service takes asset protection to the highest level. When it comes to live video surveillance systems, the typical surveillance company will wait for an alarm or event to be triggered before the officer would act and connect to the IP address in question to view the video stream after the event. Not so with our proactive and highly effective live video surveillance service. EyeMax’s highly trained agents monitor your business in real time and can view the entire property simultaneously. We can follow the incident as it occurs and notify the proper authorities. In addition, with our optional audio capabilities, our surveillance agents can interact live with intruders, often eliminating the need to call the authorities.

A.I. Powered Live Video Monitoring Service From EyeMax Will Protect Your Assets 24/7!

Pro-Active vs Reactive

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the police AFTER criminals are already on your property. This often results in false calls, delayed police response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to get away.

Businesses who use a pro active approach to their security find that a live video surveillance service is the best solution for asset protection. And who better than EyeMax Security to provide the live video monitoring that companies so desperately need. With traditional video monitoring, a re-active approach is taken. All the business has to go with is historical recordings of a crime having taken place. This method does nothing to protect companies from property damage and theft.

Security Camera Monitoring Service

What Businesses Benefit From Our Live Security Camera Monitoring Service?

  • Car Dealerships
  • Construction Sites
  • Apartment Complexes/Multi-family
  • Scrap Yards
  • Pawn Shops
  • Liquor stores
  • All retail outlets
  • Industries
  • Manufacturers
  • …the list is endless.

In fact… even cities and municipals greatly benefit by using video surveillance systems.

Advantages Of Live Monitoring Services

  • Save up to 70% over cost of live guards

  • Always Watching. Guards are known for sleeping on the job.

  • Faster response times. Involve Law Enforcement immediately.

  • Enhanced protection of property and personnel.

EyeMax Security In Action


“We were having a lot of theft and vandalism at our dealership. I was referred to EyeMax Security from another dealership. They saved the day. They immediately came and surveyed the site and directly thereafter we had a brand new camera system, software and an effective schedule to live monitor the premises. We couldn’t be more satisfied. We will recommend EyeMax to any business who needs the best protection! ”    – Satisfied Client

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