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EyeMax Security offers security solutions to the Oil & Gas industries through video surveillance that is both convenient and cost effective.

We offer a variety of security solutions including our Solar Surveillance systems. These units are connected to our central surveillance center through a wireless transmitter and our monitoring center is immediately made aware of any activity on your property. We continue to monitor the situation until the intruders have left the property or if needed, notify the local authorities to take action. Our system can save companies time and money, by eliminating other non-effective security measures.


  • Theft and vandalism often occurs at night or on weekends when the job site is closed.
  • On-site security guard services can be helpful, but are limited in what they can see, leaving many opportunities for unseen intrusions.  On-site guard services are very expensive.
  • DVR’s and cameras are helpful, but, by themselves, only record history and do little in the way of prevention.
  • EyeMax Security combines the best of both Security Guards and security video surveillance cameras to stop theft and vandalism before it occurs.
  • Security threats are immediately recognized by our cameras and advanced surveillance systems.  Our Security Guards then monitor the threat in real time and take action appropriate to the situation.
  • For unlit areas and job sites,  thermal cameras can detect intruders in total darkness.
  • Our solar surveillance units are self contained with communication and solar powered battery and does not need additional power to maintain it.
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Advantages of EyeMax Security

  • Stop Theft and Vandalism before it occurs.

  • Most cost effective solution for theft and vandalism prevention.

  • Involve Law Enforcement immediately when appropriate.

  • Included mobile app allows auto dealership personnel to monitor cameras 24/7/365.

EyeMax Security In Action

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