Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Systems from EyeMax Security are perfect for the construction industry and other remote and challenging sites.

EyeMax Security Solar Surveillance Solutions – Systems are perfect for construction sites, perimeter security for government and industrial facilities, railways, parks and parking lots

This advanced technology solar powered wireless security camera system offers a wide range of camera options including thermal radar systems. Each Solar Surveillance system is quick to set up and is fully equipped to withstand even the harshest elements. These units are connected to our central surveillance center through a wireless transmitter and our monitoring center is immediately made aware of any activity on your property. We continue to monitor the situation until the intruders have left the property or if needed, notify the local authorities to take action. Our system can save companies time and money, by eliminating other non-effective security measures.


  • Theft and vandalism normally occur at night or on weekends, and almost always when the job site is closed.
  • On-site security guard services can be helpful, but are limited in what they can see, leaving many opportunities for unseen intrusions. On-site guard services are very expensive.
  • EyeMax Security’s monitoring service combines the best of both Security Guards and security video surveillance cameras to stop theft and vandalism BEFORE it occurs.
  • Intruders are immediately recognized by our cameras and advanced surveillance systems. Our Security Guards then monitor from our surveillance center, the intruders in real time and take action appropriate to the situation.
  • For unlit areas and job sites,  thermal cameras can detect intruders in total darkness.
  • The unit is self contained with communication and solar powered battery and does not need additional power to maintain it.
solar security system
live video surveillance with a virtual fence

Turn-key Solar Powered Security Solutions

Today, companies are paying more attention to security and ensuring they have an adequate level of surveillance networks. For example, a solar-powered security camera system allows companies to install cameras in remote locations where a traditional wired power supply is impractical or not an option.

Powering security cameras in remote locations can be costly and challenging for contractors, but there are solutions. Solar power options help minimize the cost of building security and make the system more reliable overall. Solar power can power cameras, microwave and infrared sensors, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), telemetry systems, and alarm functions cost-effectively and reliably.

How Do Solar-powered Surveillance Systems Work?

Solar-powered security cameras use solar panels to harness sunlight and convert it into direct current. An inverter then converts the DC power into AC power, which is used to power the security cameras.

The Advantages:

In many cases, solar power is cheaper than grid power, especially in remote locations where wired power transmission may be prohibitively expensive. In addition, in most cases, surveillance systems must operate day and night; reducing or eliminating grid power provides a high return on investment.
Making your security system independent of the power grid saves energy and makes the system more reliable overall. Power outages no longer affect your security, and our distributed power systems have a 5-day battery backup charge to keep everything running in bad weather.


“I never thought that I would be able to fully secure my remote site, but thanks to Eyemax’s solar surveillance solution, they have my site covered. It’s great to be able to go on my cell phone and look at the cameras at night or go back and look at previous videos. I would definitely recommend Eyemax to another company.  – Construction Manager, Houston, TX

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