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In a world where being connected is required, having no access to fast reliable internet will hinder your success. When you need internet as the backbone of your security, having no internet is disastrous.

EyeLINK is your solution for your internet connectivity needs.

No Internet, No Problem! EyeLINK is not an internet service, it is a satellite based VPN link back to the EyeMax Data Center.

  • Professionally installed at your facility
  • No Caps
  • Provides a dedicated link to your cameras, without affecting your current network
  • EyeLINK gives you the freedom to view your cameras anywhere on the globe, 24/7/365

Wired and Wireless Commercial Security Cameras

wireless surveillance

When security cameras first came on the market, they required a wired power source to operate. Some multi-camera configurations still work that way. These wired cameras require video cables to transmit video signals to a display device, such as a computer monitor or tv screen.

With wireless security cameras, the video signal – and, in some cases, the audio signal – is transmitted over the Internet or other wireless network to a receiver that connects to the display and recording device. In addition, many people use computers or cloud storage accounts to store video footage for later viewing.

Wireless cameras need to maintain a signal and a connection to your network to record and store video footage. If the connection is lost, the wireless security camera will not send the images to your mobile device.

live video surveillance with a virtual fence

Wireless Security Camera Advantages

Wired security cameras are generally more difficult to install than wireless alternatives. Many wired cameras connect to the building’s electrical system requiring a professional for installation. Wireless cameras work with Wi-Fi or other networks.

Wireless security cameras are often ideal for rented spaces or businesses on a budget. Wireless security cameras are generally less expensive than wired systems, but they are also easier to transport. They basically unplug and go.

Limitations of wireless security cameras

It’s important to know that the capabilities of a wireless security camera are limited:

If the camera is completely wireless, you will need a battery to power it. With this type of arrangement, you will need to replace or recharge the battery before running out of power. Solar-powered wireless cameras also use a solar panel to charge the batteries during the day.

Distance From The Router Or Hub

Do not place a wireless camera too far away from the central hub or wireless router. When there is a direct line of sight, the range of a wireless camera can be up to 500 feet or more. Inside a building, the range is usually less – about 100 feet – but not always.

Signal range depends on several factors, such as the building materials, other wireless devices in the area, and the walls or objects through which the signal must pass.

Typical drywall and glass windows do not affect the camera’s wireless signal strength, but brick and concrete do. So if there are brick walls, concrete floors, and large trees between the camera and the receiver, the signal strength will probably be weaker.

Advantages of EyeMax Security Wireless Surveillance Systems

  • The most distinct advantage provided by wireless cameras is the fact that the technology does not include cables

  • Effective solution for theft and vandalism prevention.in hard to reach areas

  • Provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired systems can’t

  • A wireless system has no wires to cut, and is much harder to bypass or work around.

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